A great game in front of a record breaking crowd

Kalev/Cramo played one of their most memorable games in a while has they hosted European powerhouse team Moscow CSKA in front of a sold-out crowd and were in it until the finishing moments where they had to admit a 80:85 (40:47) defeat.

Donaldas Kairys pushed his players to be active and agressive on defense from the tip-off and it seemed to work as Kalev stayed in the game and Dimitrios Itoudis the head coach CSKA started to get aggrevated at the referees especially after Cory Higgins managed to get a technical and an unsportsmanslike foul in the matter of minutes and got ejected.

A long long first half (75 minutes) was truly eventful and meaningful for Erik Keedus who came back from a long injury. CSKA led the way 47:40 going into the half-time break. Second half turned out to be a true thriller, as Sergio Rodriguez caught on fire and made shot after shot in the third quarter. Although led by Kristjan Kangur and Arnett Moultrie, Kalev cambe back to four points in the final minutes it just was not enough. CSKA won 85:80.

And what a crowd today – FULL HOUSE! 5000 people, the most in any VTB game ever for Kalev – and the second biggest crowd this season in VTB.

Off the bench, Chavaugn Lewis had 16 points and 9 assists, Janari Jõesaar finished with 14 points and 6 rebounds, Kangur had 12, Lynch 11, Moultrie double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds, Mirkovic 8 points, Kitsing 6, Keedus 2 and Martin Dorbek 1 point. Sergio Rodriguez had 26 points for CSKA while De Colo added 14 points.