Tsmoki’s first win, Kalev beaten

Tsmoki’s first win, Kalev beaten

Tsmoki-Minsk down Kalev on the road – 84:79 (20:24, 20:7, 20:27, 24:21).

Top scorers
Kalev: Kyle Vinales (28 + 6 assists + 3 steals), Aigars Skele (16), Janari Joesaar (10 + 7 rebounds).
Tsmoki-Minsk: Robert Lowery (20 + 6 assists), Maksim Salash (17), Alexandre Gavrilovic (14 + 9 rebounds), Aliaksei Trastsinetski (12).

Aliaksei Trastsinetski started Minsk’s first possession with a three-pointer. The Estonians responded with a series of successful offensive plays. As usual, Kyle Vinales led the home team (9 points and 3 assists). The guard’s performance got 10-point lead for Kalev in the first quarter – 16:6. The Dragons, however, recovered fast. Gavrilovic and Salash made a nice contribution from the bench (11 points together). Their performance started the comeback to cut the lead down to 4 – 20:24.

Minsk didn’t stop. Mirkovic and Liutich added threes, action by Salash and Lowery’s free throws build a 12:0 run. Kalev responded with a couple of baskets but then lost their track. Home team scored only 7 points in the second quarter. No surprise they were trailing by 9 after the first half – 31:40.

Nonetheless, Kalev were not stopped by this period. They took the initiative in the third quarter as Vinales led again. The American scored 12 points in 10 minutes getting to one-shot distance – 58:60.

Key moment
The game was decided in the last minute. Aliaksei Trastinetski closed the case. With 2-point lead (74:72) and 36 seconds to the end of regulation, the forward made a three-pointer – 77:72.

Intentional fouls were no use for Kalev. The guests’ free throws were good.

Therefore, Tsmoki won for the first time this season and there are no teams in the League without victories.

1 – after seven straight losses, Tsmoki managed to get their first win.

Kalev head coach Robert Stelmahers:
We knew how important this game was. Key home game against an equal competitor. We prepared meticolously, but not all things went the way we wanted. We had open shots that were no good while the opponent scored a bit more than regular. This is basketball: if you don’t sink it, and give them chances, you lose. In the first half, we definitely lacked aggressive offense. We had only two series of free throws. But it’s life.

Tsmoki-Minsk head coach Rostislav Vergun:
The rivals were well-organized and skilled. Before this day we had no wins, but many games where we deserved one. And we believed it was coming soon. Unfortunately for Kalev, it happened today. But I have to give a credit to the opponents and the way the fought for every ball. I wish best luck for Kalev in the future and thank my players who got this essential win despite all the challenges. You need to be patient to achieve results. This victory will be the base for our future success.

Kalev: December 6, vs Enisey

Source: Vtb homepage (https://www.vtb-league.com/en/news/tsmoki-s-first-win-kalev-beaten/)