VTB United League announces cybersports cup

VTB United League and cybersports holding SGL set up a new project for fans and cyberathletes. Cyberbasketball cup associated with VTB United League All-Star Game is set to start on December 16.The main goal of the cup is to let everyone be the part of big sports.

At the qualifying stage, the players choose their favourite VTB United League club and compete with another fans of the club. 13 winners proceed to the final stage, where the best cyberballer will be defined in a league+playoffs format.

The cup has no entrance fee, and the winners will recieve prizes.

The cup shall be played on Playstation 4, a licensed copy of NBA 2k20 is required as well as motivation to show one’s skills with the virtual ball.

VTB United League General director Ilona Korstin, “At VTB League, we see great potential of cybersports. We believe its growth pattern coincides with classic sports, but the audience might differ. Combination of classic and computer basketball can be a momentum to increase popularity of our sport among the youth. With the global interest to cybersports competitions, we’re looking forward to see VTB League and other popular league clubs in 2K simulator.”

Sign in before December 15: https://vtbleague.liga-online.com
Support at https://vk.com/cybervtbleague or support@liga-online.com