Kurbas re-signs BC Kalev/Cramo

BC Kalev/Cramo announced today the re-signing of Tanel Kurbas, the wing player will start his fifth season in the club. 

Kurbas who started his career in Tiit Soku Korvpallikool made his debut in Estonian Championships in the 2005/06 season where he played for Noortekoondis/Audentes. In 2008/09 season he made his BC Kalev/Cramo debut and won his first title in 2009.

After spells in Tartu and abroad, Kurbas re-joined Kalev in 2018/19 where he helped the team earn a spot in VTB play-offs. Kurbas told the media, he is eager to continue in Kalev/Cramo and play in such a high level league as VTB.õ