BC Kalev/Cramo season is ended

The Estonian government has declared an emergency situation due to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus in the world and the likely further spread of the virus within Estonia. Unless decreed otherwise by the government, the emergency situation remains in force until 1th of May 2020. The changes in the normal routine affect, among other things, schools, cultural activities, and cruises. All public gatherings are prohibited, it means also that all sports competitions are prohibited until 1th of May.

Due to the coronovirus spread and risks BC Kalev/Cramo team is forced to cancel our season. The Estonian-Latvian league is cancelled for this season and VTB League is suspended until 10th of April. Russia closed their boarders until 1th of May.

BC Kalev/Cramo team member who was infected with coronavirus is feeling good and there are no new symptoms accured. Rest of the team members haven´t had any symptoms of the virus.

We want to thank all our sponsors and fans!

Stay healthy!